HIGH QUALITY search marketing and advertising for a very AFFORDABLE PRICE!

PPC Services

PPC Advertising

Paid advertising in Google, etc.  Low risk, quick results!

SEO Agency

Search Engine Optimization

Increase ROI and your website's ranking in Google & Bing.

Web Analytics Services

Web Analytics

Insights in customer behaviour, revenue, and media ROI.

Web Design Agency

Web Design

Fully configured and optimized websites that will provide sales.

Affiliate Marketing Services

Affiliate Marketing

Only pay for generated leads or sales. No-risk advertising!

Remarketing Services


Increase cross- and upsales. Engage your customers!

Keyword Research Services

Keyword Research

Improve the efficiency of your SEO and PPC campaigns.

Link Building Services

Link Building

Increase the rankings of your website. High ROI!

Google Places Services

Local SEO

Improve your visibility among local and mobile audiences.

Social Media Services

Social Media Services

Improve your brand, customer service and SEO.

Why choose Searchify as your search marketing agency?


Searchify stands for results. Obtaining and surpassing our clients' targets is our primary concern. That's why we make clear agreements about what we have to do, and our clients want to achieve. We'll take care of your online marketing, and you can rely on the best possible results.


Searchify provides you with your own all-round SEM specialist. Internal overhead is small, and the ties with our clients are extremely short. Our integrated marketing solutions ensure that search marketing, PPC advertising and web analytics provide maximum results.


Searchify is one of the most affordible professional SEM/SEO agencies. Why? Easy: virtually no overhead and streamlined processes. With one all-round SEM Consultant you don't have to pay for meetings, account management or internal communication.


Transparency is extremely important. Who doesn't want to keep track of results? That's why we use live dashboards, so you have real-time insight into the results of your campaigns. In addition, you'll also receive an extensive monthly report.

More about us

All-round SEM Consultant

At Searchify, we believe in simplification when it comes to communication. Your services will be provided by one dedicated SEM consultant. This way we're able to provide you with short-term results, less overhead and lowered service fees.

  • Focus on results
  • Integrated services
  • one all-round consultant
  • fast and flexible
  • low consultancy fees

Your SEM Specialist

  • Olaf Pijl
    Sr. SEM Consultant

    With over 12 years of experience under his belt, Olaf knows all about online marketing strategy, PPC advertising, SEO and web analytics.


  • Olaf's knowledge of SEO and SEM is impressive. The service he provides is worth many times the investment.

    Duilio ForschaMarketing Manager, ToxTest
  • Working with Olaf was very inspiring. He likes to share his knowledge with others and provided us with many creative marketing strategies. A real source of inspiration!

    Ramon LaBrieOnline Campaign Manager, EF Education First
  • Olaf is a marketing enthusiast and a hard worker. He knows how to translate a client's wishes and demands into communication plans and advertising campaigns.

    Arjan KorstjensMarketing & Comms Consultant, Apple

Do you want to improve your online marketing results?

Performance-based advertising? Higher in Google? Improve AdWords campaigns? Remarketing strategy? Online brand protection? New website? Everything at once? No problem!