What is a RON (Run Of Network)?

A RON (Run Of Network) is comparable to a ROS (Run of Site), but targets all the web sites within a publisher’s advertising network.

It is one of the cheapest ways of online advertising, with a very low CPM (Cost per Mille). However, it often leads to a very low ROI (Return on Investment) and ROAS (Return On Advertising Spending), as the campaign lacks focus on a specific audience or topic. This is caused by the difference between websites in the advertising network. The more variety the advertisers websites offer, the lower the effect will be.

When to use a Run Of Network

Searchify recommends using a Run Of Network only if:

  • You need to create demand for a new product or service
  • This product or service is interesting for a large part of the networks audience
  • You want to increase visibility for a VERY strong brand

As such, a Run of Network should be used with caution. Impressions are often shown beneath the fold, and in places where other advertisers don’t want to be seen. Make sure you measure the results using web analytics and KPI’S (Key Performance Indicators), so you know whether your advertising budget is well-spent.

An example:

In order to reach Canadian woman, an advertiser might decide to advertise on More.ca, a popular Canadian website frequented primarily by women. The advertiser could use a ROS (Run Of Site), showing ads on all pages within More.ca.

In order to gain a bigger audience, the advertiser might consider a Run of Network with More.ca’s publisher, Transcontinental. As a result, the ads will also be shown on other sites, including: Canadianliving.ca, Canadiangardening.com and Ellequebec.com. These websites have different content and are geared towards very different audiences. It is very unlikely that the extended campaign will yield comparable results.

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