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Dec 2010

Google AdWords (definition)

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What is Google AdWords?

Google Adwords is Google’s PPC advertising network that allows advertisers to show their text and banner advertisements, based on consumers’ search keywords and relevant keywords on web pages.

This type of online advertising provides opportunities for very cost-efficient online advertising, because:

  • Advertisements are shown in relation to search keywords,
  • Advertisements are shown at the exact moment when consumers are looking for a product or service,
  • Consumers that are looking for a a product or service are already low in the buying funnel. Such visitors are very likely to lead to a sale,
  • Continuous testing and tweaking leads to substantial yield increase.

Google AdWords professionals have a vast amount of tools and best practices at their disposal to optimize their PPC campaigns. Constant optimization creates a long-term cost-effective online marketing campaign, increases the reach and improves upon the results.

Another big advantage from Google AdWords is that it ties in seamlessly with Google Analytics. This provides advertisers great insight into the results of Google AdWords advertising campaigns (including conversion attribution). Google AdWords professionals use this data in order to improve the results of their Google AdWords campaigns.

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