How to make the most of your Twitter account

Twitter is still on the rise, allowing business owners to promote themselves and their businesses. Your twitter account can also have a positive impact on the rankings of your business in the search engine results. Twitter SEO Tips are for everyone and every purpose, to promote yourself, your business or your services. Make the most of Twitter with these Twitter SEO tips!

Twitter SEO Tip 1: Choose the right account name

Your Twitter account name will show in your URL. Make sure it contains your most relevant keyword, for a big SEO benefit. You can, for instance, use your AdWords or SEO data to determine which keyword generates the most search volume. If possible, ensure that you Twitter username conveys your product, service, brand or campaign. This way people will know what they find on your Twitter account, and are more likely to click, read, follow and repost your Tweets.

Twitter SEO Tip 2: Choose the right user name

Your Twitter username will show up next to your Twitter profile. It does not have to match your Twitter URL, but it should convey the right message to match your brand and strategy. Try to keep it short, though. Why? To be retweetable, see Twitter SEO Tip no. 9!

Twitter SEO Tip 3: Optimize your Twitter bio

Your Twitter Bio consists of max. 160 characters. Use this space to communicate your main keywords, but wrap them up in an enticing, unique, remarkable or persuasive piece of text.

Twitter SEO Tip 4: Increase the visibility of your Twitter account

Make sure that people can find our Twitter account. Add a Twitter logo on your website, and promote it with a strong call-to-action. Improving the usability on your webpages will lead to more visitors of your Twitter pages.

Twitter SEO Tip 5: Generate links to Twitter

Use linkbuilding techniques in order to increase your Twitter account’s  authority and provide incoming referral traffic.

Twitter SEO Tip 6: Add links to your own website

Add links to our website on your Twitter account and Twitter pages. This will enable interested visitors to quickly find their way to your website.

Twitter SEO Tip 7: Mind the first 42 characters

Why? the first 42 characters of your tweet are included in your Tweet’s title tag. This is extremely important for SEO, and the title gets a lot of extra exposure on the Twitter pages. Make sure you add your most important keywords to the front of your Tweets!

Twitter SEO Tip 8: Write keyword-rich Tweets

Include your important keywords in your Tweets, as they’ll be picked up by the search engines. This will provide free and relevant organic traffic. If needed, create  a thorough keyword analysis, so you know which keywords have volume and where you can beat the competition.

Twitter SEO Tip 9: Be retweetable

Retweets are great! Not only does your inital Tweet reach a completely new audience, they also count as a vote of confidence for your Twitter account and your Twitter pages. Usually, Tweets of 120 characters are less readable after a retweet, so try to write short and crisp Tweets.

Twitter SEO Tip 10: Share the love!

Share your website’s pages in your Twitter account, but please don’t be spammy. Include relevant and high-quality links to other websites as well, if you think they add value to your audience. Your followers will reward you with more retweets and SEO value for your Twitter account.

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