How we work

In order to provide high quality search marketing services, Searchify uses a milestone protocol. This mode of operations guarantees that we meet our clients’ demands with maximum efficiency, and our clients have full visibility into the performance of our search marketing activities.

Before we start any PPC or SEO activities, we lead our (prospective) clients through the following steps:

1. Intake form

We provide prospective clients with an extensive intake form. Your feedback will provide us with the necessary information for a quote and a full search marketing strategy.

2. Quote

Based on your input and (if applicable) data, Searchify will provide you with a detailed search engine marketingquote. Once you choose to accept our quote, we’ll start to provide you with the agreed search marketing services.

3. Keyword Analysis

For PPC advertising as well as SEO services, Searchify performs a thorough keyword analysis. This document will be sent to you for approval, so you have full insight into the keywords we will focus on, and the keywords we will use to minimize advertising waste.

4. PPC Strategy and Media

Before Searchify can create or take over any PPC campaigns, we provide you with a comprehensive PPC strategy to sign off. This strategy document contains a lot of strategic and tactical details, including:

  • Campaign setup
  • Examples of advertisements
  • Remarketing opportunities
  • AB-tests

5. Tracking document

Great PPC and SEO results can only be achieved by continuous monitoring, analysis and optimization. Searchify will provide you with the necessary tracking tools. We will provide you with detailed instructions and code in order to implement crucial search advertising and optimization tools, such as Google Webmaster Tools, customized Google Analytics and Google AdWords conversion tracking codes.

For further information about the way Searchify operates, and how we can help you with your online marketing, please contact us.

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