What is an AdWords MCC and what does it do?

AdWords MCCs are used to share an AdWords-account with marketing agencies. It allows business to provide insight and access without transferring ownership or billing information.

What’s an AdWords MCC?

Google AdWord’s MCC is a handy tool to manage multiple Google AdWords accounts. MCC stands for “My Client Center“. It can be used as an “umbrella account”, and provides a high-level overview and management opportunities for individual Google AdWords accounts within.

Advantages of an AdWords MCC

MCC’s are quite often used to share an AdWords-account with a marketing agency. It allows business to provide insight and access to their AdWords account, without transferring ownership or billing information.

An AdWords MCC offers additional opportunities to PPC agencies, such as the ability to:

  • Set individual budgets per project, business unit or product group
  • Use separate billing settings per account
  • Manage access rights
  • Create custom reports for business owners
  • Gain access to the AdWords API
  • See high-level results across multiple accounts

Advantages for business owners

Business owners benefit from an AdWords MCC as well, as an MCC:

  • Provides owners with full insight into an agency’s activities
  • Hides billing and credit card information
  • Allows a business to keep full control, visibility and ownership

Who uses an AdWords MCC?

An AdWords MCC is used:

  • By businesses with large or multiple accounts
  • To give access to marketing agencies or freelancers
  • With bid management systems or applications

Granting access to an MCC

Access to an MCC is granted upon request. The admission process is easy and goes as follows:

  1. The account owner (usually a business) provides their AdWords Client ID to a PPC agency
  2. The agency adds the AdWords Client ID to their MCC
  3. The business owner logs into Google AdWords and clicks on the tab “My account” and “Account access“. This page lists any open MCC requests. The owner can grant or revoke access to any MCC at any time.

More on AdWords MCCs

Read more about the AdWords MCC on Google AdWords Help.

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