Interested in great social media content for your Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter pages? No? You should, because social endorsements are very valuable and boost your SEO! Yes? Great! Here’s a list of the social media content ideas. Pick the ones that fit your product and target audience:

Product information as social media content

  • FAQs
  • Product videos
    - How To’s
    - Reviews & tests
    - Unpacking and first use
    -Use, maintenance, cleaning, storing, etc.
    (Tip: if you don’t have any content, you might be able to find it on YouTube)
  • Infographics (here’s an example about SEO companies)
  • Testimonials and quotes
  • Top 10’s (Who doesn’t want to know the Top 10 sellers from Tim Horton’s?)
  • Featured facts (Who else uses this product? What is the weirdest thing anyone did with it? Just how incredible is it?)

User generated content (UGC) for social media

  • Polls, surveys, and quizzes (people love to interact with the brand they like)
  • Images and video (customers using your product, celebrating the results, or even putting it in a blender)
  • Contests (here’s another tip: share the results and a winner’s testimonial as well!)
  • Thank You’s to your customers (e.g. when reaching a new level on Fiverr, reaching 1.000 Likes on Facebook, etc.)
  • Thank You’s from your customers (a bit more informal than testimonials)
  • Customer feedback can be a great way to engage loyal customers (e.g. players provide input on game development)

Provide service to leverage social media

  • Discounts, special offers and coupons
  • Updated blogposts (e.g. when Facebook changes their interface)
  • How To’s (such as videos, manuals, screencasts, guidelines, forum help, etc.)
  • Checklists (here’s our PPC and SEO checklists)
  • White papers

Business information for your social media

  • Presentations and screencasts (these are movies of presentations)
  • News (e.g. events, results, product development, new features, go-lives, conferences, etc.)
  • Awards (as long as they matter to your audience - not everyone is interested in ISO-certifications)
  • Employee information (who are your customers dealing with?)
  • Interviews (with clients, suppliers, experts, the board, etc.)
  • Podcasts (as above, but with content that’s often updated)
  • Images (of events, new HQ, concept art, etc.)
  • Charity (How did your organisation make a difference?)

Great social media content is authentic!

Pick the topics that will interest your audience. Some content works better in some markets, but counterproductive in others. Use appropriate language and geotargeting if possible.

When it comes to good social media content, quality and relevance are key. Be authentic, be interesting and be concise. Once you’ve picked the content you want to push in your social channels, you should create a publishing calendar. Make sure you know where to find quality content, or that it knows how to find you.

And finally, ALWAYS measure results!

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