Google AdWords and iPad: Get Started!

Create iPad-specific AdWords campaigns: what are the results? Is it worth the effort? Get started now to maximize AdWords results targeting iPad and mobile!

Internet on iPad and Mobile

Internet use on mobile devices is a sleeping giant that has begun to wake up. Analysts have spoken about this event for over 10 years now, but we finally have reached a point where smartphones are commonplace. Walk into any mobile phone store: the amount of smartphones has surpassed that of phones without a touchscreen.

But in the meantime, the rate of tablet PC’s is growing even faster - with Apple’s iPad as a clear winner, but other brands following in their footprints. With a bigger screen and keyboard, iPads offer better usability and readability than smartphones. How does that translate to sales and how can you benefit from targeting iPads within Google AdWords campaigns?

Google Adwords on iPad vs. smartphone

The amount of sales through smartphones is low. Mobile devices are (much) less frequently used to make a purchase. It’s not only that consumers don’t like the limited interface on a smartphone, but also that the timing just isn’t right. Smartphone users are on the go and easily interrupted.

iPads are often used in a completely different manner. An iPad offers better readability and usability, while the consumers holding it are often in the comfort of their own home. What does this mean for the results of your Google AdWords campaigns?

Google AdWords successful on iPad

The volume of advertising traffic from tablet PC’s and iPads is often substantially lower in comparison to campaigns targeted to PC’s or even smartphones. Would that justify the time and expense needed to create additional campaigns, targeted to tablets only? It usually does!

Google AdWords campaigns geared towards iPads usually yield much better results in comparison to the same campaigns on PC’s:

  • A CPC that’s 65% lower
  • The CTR almost triples
  • The conversion rate is 90% higher
  • This leads to over 80% savings on the average CPA!

So where’s the catch?

I admit, there are a few things you have to take into consideration. Volume is low, so take the overhead cost into consideration. These will likely be small, as you can copy existing Google AdWords campaigns and change the settings. Also, the market of tablets is likely to grow in the near future, with many laptop producers launching some sort of tablet PC.

Click prices are likely to rise as competition picks up. However, by starting asap you can ensure a solid no. 1 position, build up your Quality Score and leave the competition in your dust.

Setting up Google AdWords campaigns for iPads

Creating new iPad campaigns is easy and is set up in minutes. Just copy your existing campaign and change the setting in both the old and the new campaigns to reach the right devices.

Splitting these campaigns offers you flexibility and these advantages:

  • Adapt your ads towards the consumer, as they might behave differently
  • Set specific targets per campaign and device
  • Individual budgets per campaign and device
  • Specific bid management for tablet-campaigns
  • Device-specific Quality Score!

Naturally, these advantages also apply to Google AdWords campaigns targeting mobile phones. Feel free to create separate Google AdWords accounts for them, too!

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