What is keyword stuffing?

Keyword stuffing was once a popular black hat SEO strategy and can still be found on many dubious websites. Keyword stuffing occurs when web pages are filled with many keywords, hoping to make these pages appear high in the search results. This SEO strategy has been rendered ineffective for a few years, but it’s still often practiced by SEO “experts”. Or web builders that don’t know their SEO-stuff.

A technique slightly similar to keyword stuffing is adding keyword meta tags to web pages. This is another SEO strategy that used to be very effective, but not anymore. Adding metatag keywords is still practiced by many webmasters and online marketeers. It is also still being promoted by many web builders as a valid SEO strategy, as this is a functionality that is built into many content management systems.

Keyword stuffing is often combined with cloaking, another black hat SEO strategy that has become less effective and more risky.

Avoid keyword stuffing at all cost!

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