How much SEO potential does my website have? What can I do to improve SEO rankings? How much SEO authority does my website have, compared to my competitors? Searchify’s free SEO Audit will tell you exactly how well your website is doing, and what you can do to gain more free organic traffic, leads and sales from SEO.

Searchify’s comprehensive SEO Audit provides you with a full analysis of your SEO opportunities. Our SEO Audit enables you to quickly identify SEO opportunities, as well as provide you with detailed knowledge on how to achieve more organic traffic. All audits are performed by a Google-certified SEO Consultant.

Contents of your free SEO Audit

Our free SEO Audit consists of the following components:

  • A high-level recap of SEO threats, opportunities and recommendations
  • A detailed SEO Scorecard, providing a weighted ranking of the website’s components
  • An in-depth explanation of the actions you can perform to improve SEO
  • Information about your website’s authority, compared to four of your competitors

The SEO Audit contains approximately 14 pages. It will be mailed to you as a PDF document within two working days.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain

Would you like to know how to improve organic rankings? Gain more traffic and sales through SEO? And see how you are doing compared to your competitors? Then apply now to receive your free SEO Audit!

Searchify will keep all information of all clients in full confidence. This includes any and all data of clients’ Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts. None of the information provided to Searchify will be retained, copied, published or shared within Searchify or with third parties.

Searchify reserves the right to decline any SEO Audit at its own discretion. Our free SEO Audit is limited to one free SEO Audit per business, person or entity.

Free SEO Audit

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