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Order your free AdWords Audit!

In this free and comprehensive Google AdWords Audit, a certified Google AdWords professional manually reviews your Google AdWords account and provides you with a thorough AdWords SWOT-analysis.

Our detailed Google AdWords Audit provides you with strategic insights and actionable recommendations. Searchify’s Google AdWords Audit will allow you to:

  • Increase the traffic of your Google AdWords campaigns
  • Generate more sales from your advertising budget
  • Focus on more relevant and engaged audiences
  • Minimize advertising waste
  • Protect your brand online
  • Gain valuable insights from statistics
  • And much, much more!

There is no obligation from your part. All we ask, is your sincere interest in improving your Google AdWords results, and to like us on Facebook or provide us with a sincere testimonial if you like this free AdWords service.

You will receive your Google AdWords Audit by email within two working days. You won’t receive any newsletters. Nor will we bother you with sales calls. We will, however, provide you with a valuable Google AdWords Audit that will increase your advertising results. That’s our promise!

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To gain access to your AdWords account, we kindly request your AdWords Customer ID number. We will use this ID number to add your AdWords account to our Client Center (MCC). You can find your 10-digit AdWords Customer ID in the top right corner of your AdWords account.

Please note: You will remain in full control of your AdWords account. You can revoke access at any time using the 'Access'-tab.

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Terms and conditions:

I hereby allow Searchify to add my Google AdWords-account to their Client Center, for the sole purpose of conducting a free AdWords Analysis. There are no obligations from my part. Searchify does not have the right to make any alterations to my AdWords-account.

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Confidentiality and limitations:

Searchify will keep all information of all clients in full confidence. This includes any and all data of clients’ Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts. None of the information provided to Searchify will be retained, copied, published or shared within Searchify or with third parties.

Searchify reserves the right to decline any Google AdWords Audit at its own discretion. Our free Google AdWords Audit is limited to one free Google AdWords Audit per business, person or entity.

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