Web Analytics Implementation

A correct implementation of web analytics is tricky: 96% of the Google Analytics accounts that we’ve seen have not been implemented correctly.

Marketing analytics are vital

Any good online marketer depends on analytics. Campaigns thrive on data, as it allows you to spend your campaign budget more efficiently and beat the competition. Good web analytics are a necessity for marketing strategy, as you want to learn more about campaign performance and optimize your bidding strategies.

96% of Google Analytics accounts are not configured correctly

Unfortunately, an out-of-the-box setup from Google Analytics is not very good, as the data gets polluted by fake visits, improper campaign attribution, and spam. A properly configured Google Analytics account will:

  • Filter out spam and fake traffic
  • Show user demographic data
  • Integrate Google AdWords, Search Console, and AdSense
  • Measure the results of campaigns and content
  • Show the ROI of advertising campaigns
  • Give more insight into SEO results
  • Separate data from workers and colleagues
  • Attribute conversion data to the campaigns that initially bring visitors
  • Separate branded and non-branded campaigns and SEO
  • Enable retargeting

Get your Google Analytics account optimized

Searchify can fully optimize your Google Analytics account. For a one-time fee, this will allow you to learn more about all your digital marketing efforts, and optimize the yield of all your campaigns. Contact us for more information or fill out the contact form to receive a free quote.


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