Marketing Strategy Consultancy

Marketing strategy depends on a solid understanding of products, the target audiences, best marketing practices and continuous improvement. You know your products and audiences best - Searchify can help with the rest.

Your marketing strategy is your base

When it comes to marketing effectiveness, success starts with your marketing strategy. In the modern world of performance marketing, strategy and planning are paramount to success. Advertising no longer depends on picking the right media and negotiating a low price, but on generating synergy between a prospect’s demographics, location, intent and behaviour versus a rich mix of branding, SEO, PPC, social media and programmatic advertising.

Marketing Strategy ConsultancyBest practises & analysis

You can benefit from Searchify’s experience with many different marketing strategies in various industries. We can apply from our experience from working for organizations like yours, ensuring that you benefit from highly effective marketing campaigns.

Besides using best practices, we diligently track all campaign activity and measure results that matter. Continuous testing of ads, landing pages and strategic hypotheses will continuously improve marketing efficiency over time.

As we are dedicated to performance marketing and confident in what we can do for you, we even provide performance-based marketing services.

Always learn more

What you don’t know might be your biggest risk. Contact us to start a conversation. Let’s discuss what opportunities there are for your organization and how we might be of service. Alternatively, if you use Google AdWords, learn where there is room for improvement and apply for your free AdWords Audit.

Apply for your free AdWords Audit

In this free AdWords Audit, we manually review your AdWords account and provide you with a broad range of actionable advice on how to improve your AdWords campaigns.

Olaf is a marketing enthusiast and a hard worker. He knows how to translate a client's wishes and demands into communication plans and advertising campaigns.

Arjan Korstjens

Marketing & Comms Consultant, Apple

Olaf is a person with passion, expert level with SEO/SCO, AB testing, digital marketing and CMS.

Simon Chen

Sr. Drupal Developer, Corus

Working with Olaf was very inspiring. He likes to share his knowledge with others and provided us with many creative marketing strategies. A real source of inspiration!

Ramon LaBrie

Campaign Manager, EF Education First

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