Performance Based Advertising

Searchify is the only advertising agency in the Greater Toronto Area and the Durham Region that provides performance based advertising. No fees, no risk – just results!

Based on your targets or current achievements, we take over your PPC advertising campaigns. We continuously optimize your campaigns to make the most of your advertising budget – leading to more visitors, leads and sales! You only pay for additional visitors, leads, conversions or revenue if they meet your criteria. This makes performance based advertising a no-risk investment for any business!

Performance tracking and optimization

We track your AdWords campaigns using Google AdWords tracking. We can also provide you with Google’s tracking and reporting tool, Google Analytics. This way your organisation can measure the amount of performance goals achieved by your advertising campaigns.

Examples of performance goals are:

  • Product sales and/or revenue
  • Information requests
  • Visits to a contact page
  • Telephone calls
  • Downloaded white papers
  • Non-bounce visitors

Measuring performance goals will show you where your customers come from. Searchify will help you to maximize the results!

No website? No problem!

Our advertising campaigns provide traffic to any website or webpage, including your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest pages. With targeted campaigns we ensure that you target audience will find your company or products, just when they need them the most.

Start now with performance based advertising!

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