Small Business Marketing Services

Small Businesses have special marketing needs. They often serve local clients, operate within a niche and need a quick return on their advertising investments, with as little overhead as possible. To accommodate Small Business clients, Searchify offers tailored Small Business marketing services, now with a 20% Small Business Discount.

Why do I need specialized small business marketing services?

Efficient marketing campaigns are extremely important for Small Businesses. It allows you to beat big competitors, get a quick return on your investment, and increase visibility among your target audience - while minimizing overhead. Searchify cam build on an impressive client portfolio, allowing you to benefit from what we’ve learned from others.

Are you already using AdWords?

Google AdWords is a great marketing tool for Small Businesses. It provides the opportunity to laser-focus on people that are looking for your service, in your area. You can promote your products or services to people that are actually looking for them – when they are looking to buy. What’s more, a lean-and-mean AdWords account can outperform advertisers with much bigger advertising budgets. The magic word here is “Quality Score“. AdWords uses Quality Score as a multiplier for your click price. A high Quality Score gives you discounts, but with a low Quality Score you’ll have to pay (up to 1,800%!) more per click. A high Quality Score leads to: more visitors who are interested in your product, more discount on your CPC costs, and more visibility. The one-time investment for optimizing your account will improve your AdWords performance considerably and immediately. In the long run, even small accounts that spend $5 per day will benefit from these optimization techniques. Searchify can unleash your own AdWords campaigns, so you can quickly boost your organization in Google. In addition, every newly opened AdWords account will benefit from 100$ free advertising, courtesy of Google Ads.

AdWords PPC services for small businesses

Our special Small Business PPC services focus primarily on Google AdWords and include:

  • A thorough keyword analysis, to identify keyword volume, PPC advertising opportunities and competition
  • Optimization and support for Google Analytics, to ensure proper tracking and PPC optimization
  • Setting up conversion tracking using Google Analytics and/or Google AdWords tracking
  • A conversion optimization strategy, to receive more quality traffic from your PPC advertising budget
  • Optimize campaign settings for maximum efficiency
  • Re-organize campaigns based on volume and Quality Score
  • Optimizing and/or rewriting text advertisements
  • Set up AB-testing to maximize results
  • Conversion-related bid management
  • Adding negative keywords and placements, to reduce waste of impressions, clicks and budget
  • Automated rules, for automatic long-term optimization
  • Aftercare and communication

Small Business Discount: 20% off!

In order to optimize your existing AdWords-account, we’ll charge 10 consultancy hours to perform the activities listed above. Our hourly fee of $120 brings this to a total of $ 1,200. However, Small Businesses receive a 20% discount, and will only be charged $ 960. For a new AdWords-account, we’ll charge 12 consultancy hours to set up a new AdWords account. Our hourly fee of $120 brings this to a total of $ 1,440. With our 20% Small Business discount, you will only be charged $ 1,080. Does this not fit your budget? Let us know how much you can afford to spend, and we’ll use our time as efficiently as possible. Or are you perhaps interested in performance-based advertising services?

Start advertising with 20% discount!

Click here to contact Searchify and start a conversation, or learn more about our other small business marketing services, including marketing strategy, SEMSEO, and analytics.

Apply for your free AdWords Audit

In this free AdWords Audit, we manually review your AdWords account and provide you with a broad range of actionable advice on how to improve your AdWords campaigns.

Olaf is a marketing enthusiast and a hard worker. He knows how to translate a client's wishes and demands into communication plans and advertising campaigns.

Arjan Korstjens

Marketing & Comms Consultant, Apple

Olaf is a person with passion, expert level with SEO/SCO, AB testing, digital marketing and CMS.

Simon Chen

Sr. Drupal Developer, Corus

Working with Olaf was very inspiring. He likes to share his knowledge with others and provided us with many creative marketing strategies. A real source of inspiration!

Ramon LaBrie

Campaign Manager, EF Education First

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