The Definition Of Match Type In AdWords

The match type defines as to which extend a keyword or phrase within a PPC campaign should trigger an impression. Within Google AdWords, the match types are:

  • Exact match type will only activate when a keyword matches the exact search query. For example, “search engine marketing” is triggered by “search engine marketing” queries only.
  • Phrase match type activates an impression when a search query contains the keyword(s). For example, “search engine” is triggered by the searches “search engine marketing”, and “search engine optimization”, but not by “engine search”.
  • Broad match type is activated by the given keyword, but also by plural or singular forms, different order, misspellings and synonyms. For example, “search engine marketing” is also triggered by searches for “search engine advertising”, “social media marketing” or even “marketing social media”.
  • Modified broad match type is similar to broad match (including plural/singular and misspellings), but excludes synonyms. This is often used by AdWords professionals to catch all forms of a keyword, while avoiding any irrelevant keywords.

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