Free Google Grants For Non-Profit Marketing!

As part of Google’s community service policy, Google provides free non-profit marketing budget to charitable organisations. This non-profit marketing budget is made available through Google Grants.

Google Grants provides charities with free advertising budget and can help charities to:

  • Raise donations
  • Communicate your message
  • Promote events
  • Find new volunteers
  • Etc.

What is Google Grants?

Since 2003, Google Grants has supported many Canadian charities, by providing them with a non-profit marketing budget of 329 American dollars - per day! This equals up to 10.000 dollars per month and has to be spent online on non-profit marketing. The Google Grant will be available as long as the charity adheres to the Google Grants terms and conditions.

Who can apply for a Google Grant?

In order to apply for a Google grant and boost their non-profit marketing, a charity has to meet the following criteria:

  • …has to be active in the area of Science and technology, Education, Youth, Public health, Environment, or the Arts.
  • …must be registered under the Canada Income Tax Act,
  • …is able to issue charitable receipts to donors,
  • …has to be exempt from income tax.

How can I apply for a Google Grant?

Applying is easy. And at Searchify, we like to help. Just see it as our part of community service.

Without charge, we will:

  • Submit your application,
  • Set up non-profit marketing campaigns
  • Enable web analytics and conversion tracking
  • Manage any non-profit marketing campaigns

Do you want to receive a free non-profit marketing budget? And apply to Google Grants? Contact Searchify and we’ll set you up - no charge, nothing to lose!

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