What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is comparable to Twitter, but instead of sending Tweets, you share images (called “Pins”). Other people can follow your Pins, allowing you to:

  • Increase your exposure on the web
  • Share your products or messages
  • Gather ‘link juice’ and increase your SEO rankings
  • Improve visual branding

Attracting Pinterest followers is paramount to attracting new visitors and boost SEO. How to achieve this? Read on for a comprehensive list of best practices to rake in those Pinterest followers!

Pinterest Tips for SEO

Pinterest SEO Tip 1: Add the button to your website

Probably the easiest way to generate more Pinterest followers: add the Pinterest-button to your website. You can find it under the menu “About” and ” Pin It Button”. Keep in mind that this link will be a drain on your linkjuice, so think about where to add it.

Pinterest SEO Tip 2: Add Pinterest to Facebook and Twitter

Link your Pinterest account with your Facebook and Twitter-accounts. This way you can create value across all your social media channels and increase your exposure.

Pinterest SEO Tip 3: Use best practices

Do you want to know what kind of Pins people like? Look under ‘Popular’ and find out which Pins people like. Look especially at the keywords in the titles and hashtags that were used. Learn from best practices!

Pinterest Tip 4: Place your pins strategically

While you’re looking for what works, keep an eye out for popular boards. Adding your Pins to these boards will boost the exposure and impressions of your Pins.

Pinterest SEO Tip 5: Perform a keyword analysis

Your Pins are organised on boards. Give your Pinterest account and boards a name that stands out and makes it clear what your board is all about. This makes the boards more interesting to potential followers. Be specific: names such as ‘Restaurants in Toronto‘, Çitytrips in Canada‘ or ‘Real Estate in Oshawa‘ will attract more engaged followers and will enable you to add your key keywords. A thorough SEO keyword analysis will give you insight in quick wins.

Pinterest SEO Tip 6: Link to the right page

Whenever you refer to your Pins in blogs or discussions, link directly to to your Pin or Board. This makes it easier for people to find (and follow!) your pins. It also directs more ‘linkjuice’ to your pages.

Pinterest SEO Tip 7: Go crowdsourcing!

Adding your own Pins takes time and effort. So why not let others do it for you? Get your customers or readers in gear, and let them provide the content for you. Give your customers a reason to share. Is your company active in travel or tourism? Ask customers to share their holiday pictures. Selling kitchen appliances? Let people show off what they’ve made with your products. With some imagination, you can turn anything into a contest, immediately adding an incentive to participate. A contest is also excellent content for your other channels!

Pinterest SEO Tip 8: Keep on Pinning

Once you’ve got your board(s) up and running, make sure that you keep posting relevant Pins. Don’t post Pins too frequently. Your Pinterest followers might see this as spam and stop following you.

Pinterest SEO Tip 9: Use hashtags

Like in Twitter, you can use hashtags (#) to let people know what your Pin is about. Add hashtags with your keywords to your Pins, so they can be found by people that are looking for your products.

Pinterest SEO Tip 10: Comment on relevant Pins

Be active and comment on relevant Pins on other boards. Show your expertise, interest or appreciation. Make sure you add value. This will point people towards your profile and your Pins. Again, don’t spam!

Pinterest SEO Tip 11: Follow your target audience

Often people that are followed, will follow you in return as a token of appreciation. Find people within your target audience, follow them and introduce yourself. You can also follow people that might ‘repin’ your Pins, so you can get your Pins out to their followers, too. All this will increase your amount of followers, get you in touch with potential customers, and give your Pinterest account more clout.

Pinterest SEO Tip 12: Valued content

Content is King. Yes, we know it’s a cliché, but it’s still true. Use as many of the 500 characters with each Pin. Add your SEO keywords. And make sure that every Pin has something interesting for your followers. Coupons, VIP-content, QR-codes, bar codes, pre-release images, image reviews, how-to tutorials… Be creative - it will be appreciated!

Pinterest SEO Tip 13: Grow organic

Tempting though it might be, don’t buy any Pinterest followers. Concentrate on getting your content out there. Search engines are continuously getting better at weeding out false Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Being found guilty of ‘black hat SEO’ might have a negative effect on your rankings.

Pinterest SEO Tip 14: Get started!

Have you read all of the Pinterest SEO tips? Then it’s time to get started! The sooner you start, the sooner you can get your images, text and links out there. Pinterest is growing quickly. Beat the competition and get started today!

With these tips you’ll be able to increase the amount of Pinterest followers and the effect on your SEO. It will also get your images and brand out on Pinterest and shown to a relevant audience.

Good luck and good pinning!

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