Why You Need A PPC Brand Strategy

Do you want to protect your brand online? Keep competition at bay? And in the meantime, benefit from higher ad positions and lower click prices? Then use a solid PPC strategy for your brand!

Bidding on your your own brand keywords is often frowned upon by businesses. They reason (and they’re at least partly right!) that people searching for their brand name are already familiar with their products and services. As such, it would be a waste of good advertising budget to pay for their visits. Or would it?

Launching a PPC strategy for your brand name is absolutely worth the effort. In fact, it’s probably one of the most important parts of your PPC advertising campaign and your online media mix. Any business that wants to be visible online should implement a PPC strategy for their own brand!

Why? Because a solid PPC strategy for your own brand has a lot of important benefits.

The benefits of a protecting your brand in Search Advertising

Cut off the competition

This PPC strategy keeps your competitors from bidding on YOUR brand name. Without a PPC strategy, your website will only show up in the organic search results. Even worse, your website will probably be shown BENEATH your competitors! A PPC strategy on your own brand is very likely to appear in the no. 1 spot, pushing your competitors down the ranks. You taking your rightful place on top will prevent direct competitors from continuously cashing in on YOUR brand name and nibbling on YOUR market share.

Gain additional exposure

A PPC strategy for your brand will make your website show up in both organic and paid search results. This provides additional exposure, against an extremely low cost per click (CPC).

PPC discounts and higher ad positions across ALL keywords

The click rate (CTR) of your brand name PPC campaign will be much, much higher than the average CTR in your account. A higher overall CTR will also increase your standing within the PPC advertising networks. In Google AdWords, for example, a higher CTR will increase your Quality Score (QS). This will provide higher ad positions against a lower CPC, across ALL keywords within your account.

Create a testing ground

Your PPC strategy with your own brand keywords is likely to generate traffic with a high conversion rate. This allows you to AB-test new advertising propositions and USP’s. Lessons learned can be applied throughout other PPC campaigns and ad groups, increasing the efficiency of these as well. Ultimately, this also allows you to test the efficiency of slogans and value propositions before using them in (costly) offline media.

Increase customer satisfaction

Within Google AdWords, high quality PPC campaigns are awarded with extra links beneath the main advertisement. This additional exposure can be used to present future customers with additional choices and ways to reach their goal. Not only does this increase traffic and sales, but also consumer satisfaction and brand credibility.

Invoke trust in your brand

Research shows that visitors have more thrust in websies they find through advertisements, compared to organic search results. This leads to higher conversion rates and online branding value.

The bottom line: sales!

In many cases, shutting down the PPC branding campaign has led to an overall decrease in sales across all media sources. Although a PPC strategy for your brand keywords will not increase the amount unique visitors, it WILL increase the amount of sales and leads.

PPC Strategy Recap

How to protect your brand online using PPC advertisingEven engaged visitors need a push towards the finish line. Be there for all your clients. Don’t let them slip away, and make sure they receive a royal treatment or this last little nudge. Add some sense of urgency or an important USP. These are the easiest sales you will make!

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