The Definition of Remarketing

What is remarketing (also known as retargeting)?

The definition of Remarketing

Remarketing (a.k.a. retargeting) is very popular way of advertising among PPC professionals. It’s an online marketing technique that enables advertisers to reach out to visitors who already visited a website. This proves to be very effective: PPC campaigns target an audience who is already familiar with a website, the brand and products. In effect, it turns the internet into your business’ newsletter.

Because of the high interest within the targeted visitors, the click through rate of remarketing campaigns is unusually high. This allows advertisers to benefit from a low cost-per-click, as well as a very high conversion rate.

Remarketing strategies

Remarketing is often used:

  • To be visible among consumers that are likely to convert, especially for products that need multiple visits to be bought (for instance, travel, finance, real estate and automotive products)
  • To notify existing consumers of new products, generating new sales
  • For cross-selling and/or upselling
  • In combination with behavioral targeting and/or visitor segmentation
  • To exclude visitors that have already converted, to minimize advertising waste

For a more complete list, details and business cases, feel free to read more about remarketing strategies.

Remarketing implementation

An effective campaign is implemented as follows:

  1. The advertiser places specific scripts on strategic web pages within the website.
  2. When a visitor loads one of these web pages, the browser places a cookie on the visitor’s computer.
  3. The advertising network reads the cookie on a visitor’s computer, which will trigger the campaign(s).

These campaigns typically run within the AdWords Display Network.

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