Google Search Network within Google AdWords

The Google Search Network is part of Google’s PPC advertising program, Google AdWords. The other network is within AdWords is Google’s Display Network.

What is the Google Search network?

The Google Search Network shows AdWords advertisements on webpages that use Google to show search results. The main websites within Canada that show these advertisements are and, but also other websites are part of the Google Search Network. Websites from companies, the government, or even personal websites can choose to be part of the Google Search Network and are rewarded by Google with a fair share of the advertising revenues through Google AdSense.

Advertising in the Google Search Network

Google’s Search Network is the most powerful tool in any online marketing mix. Google AdWords allows advertisers to show advertisements that are extremely relevant to a search query. This ensures that the audience is usually very interested in what the advertisement has to offer, leading to a very high click rate (CTR) and conversion rate. This makes search engine advertising (SEA) a very profitable and flexible part of the online media mix.

Relevancy and focus

AdWords advertisers that use the Search Network have many opportunities to finetune the search queries that trigger their advertisements, including:

  • Defining the search keywords that trigger an advertisement
  • Target brand keywords to protect your brand
  • Choosing various match types to use synonyms or similar keywords
  • Set negative keywords to avoid advertisements being triggered
  • Setting maximum or target cost per click (CPC), lead (CPL) or sale (CPA)
  • Insight into many campain metrics to optimize the campaigns in the  Google Search Network
  • Target or exclude languages (hint: always separate French and English campaigns)
  • Site extentions offer multiple links for potential customers to vsit your website
  • Regional targeting
  • Mobile advertising
  • Etc.

Advertising is a necessity!

Together, these options minimize advertising waste and allow online advertisers to maximize their ROI. As such, any company with an online presence should advertise on Google’s Search Network - even if it’s just to maximize the result from your branding keywords.

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