Google Merchant Center: Boost sales with SEM & AdWords Shopping

Google Shopping & Merchant Center enrich search results with extra product info, images, prices and off-line stores. Read here how to improve sales!

What Is Google Shopping?

This new feature combines Google’s powerful search engine with AdWords to ensure better visibility of commercial products. Google Shopping allows for additional information (even images!) to be shown within organic search results, ensuring:

  • Higher clickrates,
  • More visitors, and
  • A highly engaged audience.

To make it even more interesting: it’s FREE! Does your website sell commercial products (say, anything with a barcode)? Read on, and we’ll tell you what to expect. Google Shopping enables consumers to quickly find the products they need, showing more and detailed product information. This leads to interesting results, both within organic searches (SEO) and AdWords (SEA).

NEW: adding product extensions in Adwords

Product extensions are new among the many kinds of ad-extensions that Adwords has to offer. These extensions allows for the enrichment of existing AdWords ads, adding useful and specific data. This is what Google has to say:

You can upload your products with a data feed. You’ll be taken to the Google Merchant Center to submit your product information. Your products will appear on Google Product Search and may be displayed on Your store and products will be shown to shoppers when they type in search terms relevant to your product offerings. Shoppers simply click on your listing to be brought to your site.

NEW: Google Merchant Center: organic results

Products that are uploaded in Google Merchant Center will not only be shown in AdWords ads, but also within organic search results. Current data indicates that Google uses the ‘standard’ SEO practices and ranking mechanisms as to determine whether and if so, at which position the product data will be shown.

NEW: Google Shopping-tab

Another new feature is the Shopping-tab. Click on ‘Shopping’ in Google’s left navigation column, and Google brings up list of products, including information such as:

  • An image of the product
  • A product description
  • Prices (including a price comparison tool)
  • Product reviews
  • Your store location, as well as shops in your neighbourhood

If you decide to click on a product, Google Shopping shows a more specific product page, including even more information, such as sending costs, product details and similar products.

What’s in it for me?

So why is this interesting for businesses? Because:

  • Products will receive much more attention and generate more clicks and visitors.
  • Consumers that are looking for specific products are low in the search funnel, and are ready to buy.
  • Consumers that click know what to expect from the page they’re visiting, and are more likely to lead to a sale.
  • Limited competition, high clickrates and high conversion rates enable sales with a very low CPA in AdWords
  • Businesses that aren’t featured in  lower rankings will be pushed further down the SERPs, and more search results will disappear below the fold.
  • Search results point to websites as well as brick-and-mortar stores, pushing offline sales as well

Case Studies

Want to know more about Google Shopping or Google Merchant Center? Then keep an eye on this blog, as we will be posting more on Google Shopping as we gather more data. Please subscribe using our RSS-feed.

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