What Is Link Bait? (definition)

Link bait is an effective way of creating SEO authority

What is link bait? Link bait is one of the most powerful search engine optimization (SEO) techniques used by SEO professionals. Link bait is a striking piece of content on a website that people will like and link to. This creates a lot of inbound links, likes, retweets, pins, et cetera.

Please note that link bait NOT the same as a viral, as its main purpose is to gather links and other criteria that will have a positive effect on SEO.

What’s link bait for?

Search engines see links as virtual votes for the webpage containing the link bait, boosting it in the search engine rankings.

As a HUGE bonus, link bait also boosts the SEO credibility of the website, propelling all other pages in rankings as well! This is often the main reason of publishing link bait in the first place.

What does link bait look like?

Link bait comes in various forms, such as:

How can I make my own link bait?

Find something unique to claim with your business’ authority. Think about what your business’s value proposition, and use that for leverage. Here’s some examples:

  • Do you know everything about selling real estate? Create a page with tips on how to make a house look great!
  • Does your company sell stocks? Provide a white paper with in-dept information.
  • Are you selling food? List striking recipes that use your ingredients.
  • Designer furniture? List great bio’s of the designers.
  • Adventurewear? Video’s of product comparisons or in action.
  • Etc.

Once you have your link bait, promote it on your website, in emails and through social media.

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