The purpose of link building?

Link building is part of authority building and allows websites to gain higher rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Link building focuses on the creation of links from external webpages (called “inlinks” or “back links”. Search engines find these links and see them as votes of confidence for your website. Generally speaking, the more backlinks point to a website, the more authority the website gains.

How important is link building?

According to the majority of SEO professionals, link building counts for roughly one third of a website’s rankings. But it does more. The text inside the backlinks (called “anchor text”) tells search engines what the target page is about. Optimizing these anchor texts is an important factor when ranking a website on the right keywords.

How is link building done?

Link building starts with a keyword analysis, finding keywords that work well, without too much competition. Afterwards, SEO professionals look for various link sources and determine which sources would be the most suitable for the job at hand.

Sources for valuable links are:

  • Directories and listings (e.g.
  • Related blogs
  • Genuine comments (NO comment spamming!)
  • Top 10’s
  • Online tools
  • Badges
  • “Created by  Webbuilder X” (remove these from your site!)
  • Etc.

Can I do link building myself?

Link building is an activity that you can do yourself, but you have to be very careful and be prepared to put quite some effort and time in this activity. Make sure that you don’t use any black hat techniques, or swap links. Only buy links from reputable sources that verify websites manually before placement.

SEO professionals can help you with an extensive keyword analysis (including a competitive analysis), focus on the right back link sources and ensure a quick rise in organic rankings.

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